RF Coax connector

HUBER+SUHNER offers a wide range of coax connectors suitable for medical applications. Clients especially appreciate the ease of use of snap-lock connectors, so no torque or tooling is required.

Quick latch connectors: QLA

The QLA series connectors are easily released by slightly pulling back the outer sleeve of the plug. This coupling mechanism provides a fast and reliable connection for applications up to 1.4GHz.


  • Quick latch coupling mechanism
  • Mechanical stability
  • Very high mating cycles (>10,000)

The QLA series has a quick latch coupling mechanism.

Quick lock connectors: QMA

The frequency range of the QMA coaxial connectors extends to 18GHz. The interface is based on the SMA dimension, but instead of a threaded coupling mechanism, a snap-lock mechanism is used.


  • Easy and fast to mate
  • Increased reliability
  • 360° rotatable interface
  • Higher packing density
  • Size equivalent to SMA, but saves space as there is no need for wrench clearance
  • Excellent electrical performance

The QMA coaxial connectors is easy and fast to mate. Additionally this connector series have excellent electrical performance.

Quick lock connectors: QN

The frequency range of the QN connectors extends to 11GHz. The interface is based on the N connector size and the coupling mechanism is a fully locking snap mechanism. The QN interface withstands higher power handling values than the QMA.


  • Easy and fast to mate
  • Capable to handle high-power RF
  • Free-rotating connection when mated (cable torsion relief)
  • Eliminates loosening problems associated with threaded connectors

The QN connectors have a high-packing density and a free-rotating connection when mated (cable torsion relief).