Vision inspection is used in a diverse range of industries from cosmetics to food and crop science.

The detection of contaminated products affects costumer safety, brand reputation and avoids profit loss. These are only a few reasons why it makes sense to work with a vision inspection system. If an existing production line is already equipped with several components such as a control enclosure but cannot be used for vision inspection, the METTLER TOLEDO V2622 is the right choice.

The V2622 is a modular system that means a customer has the opportunity to choose exactly and only what is necessary to upgrade a packaging line for the required application. The basic configuration consists of either a smart camera with a patch panel, which is integrated into the existing control panel, or a smart camera with a drop-in control panel. Independent of the chosen configuration, each offered component of the V2622 was designed to fit into the tightest of spaces so that upgrading your production line is simple.

What makes the V2622 special is that it offers not only hardware and software components but also service options such as for installation to ensure a quick set-up or project management. Compared with whole stand-alone machines, the V2622 comes with another big advantage. As a customer chooses only mandatory parts out of a large pool of devices and services, the costs are low.