Alleima, formerly Sandvik Materials Technology (SMT), began operating as an independent entity in August as part of its strategy to focus on driving growth, materials innovation, operational excellence, and sustainability. Since then, the company has expanded its capabilities through acquisitions, including the latest addition of Endosmart Gesellschaft für Medizintechnik GmbH (Endosmart).

Endosmart is a Germany-based manufacturer of medical devices and components made of nitinol, an alloy renowned for unique properties including shape memory, biocompatibility, and superelasticity. This portfolio adds to Alleima’s extensive offerings of metals, alloys, and metallurgy expertise, and the combined footprint will drive further product development and global expansion.

Endosmart now operates within Alleima’s Kanthal division, which is established as a global-leading manufacturer of industrial heating technology and resistance materials.

“We have a long-term strategic commitment to grow our medical business. With the acquisition of Endosmart, we will forward-integrate to strengthen our medical wire component offering while adding R&D capabilities that will be leveraged to develop and offer new unique solutions”, explains Gary Davies, head of business unit medical for Kanthal.

Nitinol’s unique properties enable it to be used in a wide variety of medical technology applications, and Endosmart has the expertise to develop and manufacture innovative Nitinol instruments and implants for minimally invasive surgery. Along with Alleima, the company shares the same goal to improve patients’ quality of life and enable medical device users to live their day-to-day with minimal interruption.

Endosmart’s product offerings include retrieval devices, surgical instruments and components, such as kidney stone retrieval baskets, snares, and breast cancer tumour markers. The company primarily operates in urology, oncology, and cardiology fields, as well as instruments for orthopaedic and vascular applications.

According to Göran Björkman, president and CEO of Alleima: “The acquisition of Endosmart further expands our capabilities and increases our current addressable market by adding new products and materials. We look forward to welcoming Endosmart to Alleima.”

Building on its extensive capabilities and strong market position formed under SMT, Alleima will continue to grow its business by leveraging major global trends, such as the high demand for renewable and efficient energy, as well as the need for new medical technology. Utilising expertise in metallurgy, more than 200 alloys, and various customisations such as coiling and coatings, Alleima has worked with manufacturers to design and develop medical wire components for devices such as continuous glucose monitors, guidewires, and deep brain stimulation systems. Alleima keeps up with market trends through continuous R&D in metallurgy and process development, as well as making strategic acquisitions to expand its capabilities, such as specialised materials expertise, galvanising, and electroplating.

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