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The EPHJ trade show has been bringing together professionals from the high-precision industry for nearly 20 years. This year, the event will take place between 14-17 June at the Palexpo exhibition centre in Switzerland.

The show features medtech, microtechnology, jewellery and watchmaking experts, comprising more than 800 exhibitors, 20,000 global trade visitors, and a number of start-ups. It is the ideal environment to discuss ideas, listen to prestigious guests, and cultivate deals.

One exhibitor is Alleima, formerly Sandvik Materials Technology, and its newly acquired companies, Polyfil and Galvarex. These experts are no strangers to high precision, with decades of combined experience producing and calibrating fine wire for a range of industries.

Alleima’s acquisition of Polyfil and Galvarex was to bolster its growing capabilities in the medical device industry and increase production in Europe. However, the companies have similar journeys leading to their foray into the medical industry, and combined they have something to offer to all target groups at EPHJ.

Alleima’s production of fine wire began in the 90s when its acquisition of Kanthal added capabilities for drawing of resistance and conductive wire. In this era, the company was primarily producing fine wire for electronic disk drives and building a reputation for quality. As disk drives began to fall out of vogue, the ideal new venture arrived when they were contacted by a pacemaker lead manufacturer, and the door was opened to medical devices.

Polyfil initially primarily served the watchmaking industry but has since branched out by finding new opportunities to meet customer needs at exhibitions. Alleima and Polyfil made natural partners, as they provide similar custom wire and wire insulation services. Galvarex, meanwhile, was created to provide in-house plating capabilities, specialising in surface treatments, electroplating, reel-to-reel plating and microelectronic products.

Based on the companies’ long service in these areas, Alleima, Polyfil, and Galvarex have something to offer all the industries represented at EPHJ, including:

  • Medtech industries (materials, wire forming, component manufacturing and plating)
  • Watchmaking (materials and platings)
  • Jewellery (plating)
  • Microtechnologies (materials, wire forming and plating)

Application specialists will be situated at the booth to answer any questions or discuss any ideas that you may have. Visit Alleima’s at booth J79 to find out more.