Interventional cardiology and radiology (IC&R) procedures tend to require particular devices and instruments, which differ from those used in other procedures. Furthermore, IC&R accessories are used throughout the entire procedure, being held constantly by physicians, a fact that makes their ergonomic properties very important.

Elcam’s line of products for the IC&R includes a wide range of accessories, ranging from stopcocks and manifolds that are especially adapted to the demanding specifications and requirements of the application, to hemostatic valves and disposable pressure transducers.

Y-Click (Hemostatic PTCA valve)

Working areas with minimum bleeding are essential for cathlab procedures, so Elcam’s Y-Click connector is designed to provide a haemostatic solution for percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty (PTCA) procedures and other diagnostic and interventional applications. The device is designed to accommodate catheters of up to 9Fr and is compatible with diameter guide wires measuring 0.014in to 0.038in. It has three positions ‒ close, open or semi-open (the latter allows the wire to be manoeuvred without bleeding) ‒ and operated with one hand, with a clicking sound to let the user know the position has changed. In addition, the Y-Click connector closes automatically from the semi-open position to the closed position at 100 psi during high-pressure injections, making it easier to use in complex medical procedures.

H-Flow valve (Hemostatic angio valve) for interventional cardiology

Our H-Flow Valve is a self-sealing haemostatic flow valve. It is designed for angiographic catheter applications, which require haemostatic flow control devices for the safe handling of guide-wires and flushing with heparin and saline to avoid in-catheter clotting and potential emboli. The luer-activated, self-sealing device allows all common guide wires and micro catheters to be placed easily through an angiographic catheter with no leakage. It can tolerate repeated high-pressure injections of up to 1200 psi.

Stopcocks and manifolds for interventional cardiology and radiology

When it comes to stopcocks for high pressure applications (in contrast with standard stopcocks such as those used in intensive care units (ICUs) that are connected to the patient as part of a set and used only once in a few hours when needed), these IC&R accessories are used and held throughout the entire procedure, and therefore need to be much more ergonomic and convenient than standard stopcocks.

Elcam’s High Pressure (HP) Stopcock is designed specifically for Cathlab applications, being able to withstand pressures of up to 1,200 psi. The ergonomically designed ErgoNess HP Handle includes a high-profile, finger-contoured arm-grip to allow smooth and comfortable rotation. The handle has rounded edges to protect the physician’s gloves and allow maximum efficiency. The HP Stopcock is available in one, three and four-way configurations together with a HP Pressure rotator or standard swivel luer lock nut. The three and four-way stopcocks are available with on/off handles in a variety of colors.

For procedures at lower pressures, such as balloon inflators, our Medium Pressure Stopcocks can withstand pressures of up to 500 psi and be configured to your exact pressure requirements for interventional products. The device’s GXL handle is made from Acetal instead of polyethylene, this improves the pressure rating. Several of the stopcock’s features, including the handle colour and type of nut, can be customised according to your needs and desires.

Elcam’s High Pressure Manifolds are designed to withstand pressures of up to 750 psi, making them ideal for contrast media, saline, GWs and catheters in manual diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. They include our uniquely designed ergonomic handles to make them easier and more convenient to use. The manifolds are available with two or three gangs, with HP rotators.

Our high-pressure product range also includes our HP Rotator, designed for pressures of up to 1,200 psi. The device is a male luer lock rotator that allows the user to maneuver the catheter freely without twisting the manifold or the stopcock, including the tubing behind the stopcock. It is suitable for many types of interventional applications, including cathlab procedures, and is available as part of a stopcock or manifold or as a standalone component.

Disposable pressure transducer for interventional procedures

For pressure sensing during interventional procedures, Elcam’s Disposable Pressure Transducer (DPT) provides plain pressure monitoring without the need for calibration or flushing. The device can take pressures of up to 300 psi and complies with the ANSI AAMI BP22 standard. It is typically connected to the side port of the manifold with or without a tube, or bonded to the tubing in automatic sets. The DPT comes with a range of cable connectors and cable lengths and is also available with one or more bonded stopcocks. It is offered with male, female or tube bonding options, while its colour can be customised depending on the quantity. If the quantities are high, the DPT can also come with your logo.

All our interventional product offerings are developed in close collaboration with a range of experts in the field, with the goal of helping clients gain prominence in the interventional cardiology and radiology market. They are designed with ease of use at the forefront, helping you achieve the level of market visibility you aim for while allowing our products to integrate seamlessly into your existing product portfolio. Contact us today via the enquiry form on our profile (link in the upper-right corner of this page) to find out how our solutions can meet your needs and help optimise your operations.