Alleima, formerly Sandvik Materials Technology (SMT), is now listed on Nasdaq Stockholm as of August 31. The separation from Sandvik and its ability to operate as an independent entity will enable Alleima to execute its strategy of driving growth, materials innovation, operational and commercial excellence, and sustainability.

As a standalone listed company, Alleima will be able to further strengthen its position as a world-leading manufacturer of advanced stainless steels, special alloys and heating systems for the most demanding industries. Alleima includes the company’s EXERA brand, which specialises in ultra-fine medical wire components and micro-tubes that can be customised for anything from vascular therapy to biosensing and neurostimulation. So far, they have been used for devices such as cochlear implants, pacemaker leads, continuous glucose monitors, tremor control for people with Parkinson’s or epilepsy, catheters, guidewires and probes.

The name Alleima is a combination of the company’s core strengths: alloy and material, with alei, an old version of the word alloy, in the centre. The name was narrowed down from a list of more than 300 hundred options and approved by shareholders.

The new independent entity is more than 160 years in the making, building on decades of expertise in metallurgy, process development, and strategic acquisitions that expanded Sandvik’s capabilities. Going forward, Sandvik Group will continue its focus on profitable growth in the remaining areas, including mining and rock excavation, rock processing, metal cutting and digital manufacturing. The sharpened focus of Alleima and the Sandvik Group is expected to improve long-term value for shareholders in both companies.

Building on its extensive capabilities and strong market position formed under SMT, Alleima will continue to grow its business by leveraging major global trends, such as the high demand for renewable and efficient energy, as well as the need for new medical technology.

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