Two key trends in medical technology are digitalisation and miniaturisation. Smart and digitalised devices enable remote monitoring, preventative medicine, and invaluable patient data collection, while smaller devices mean minimally invasive surgeries.

For medical device manufacturers, this means there is a growing demand for ultra-fine medical wire that offers advanced sensing and transmitting capabilities. Meeting these demands will require innovation, both in terms of utilising new materials and adopting advanced manufacturing processes.

In an upcoming webinar scheduled for 2PM BST/ 3PM CET, 27 April, Alleima will explain what is required to produce wire-based components that are configured for small and smart devices. The webinar will also discuss how innovations such as the use of Nitinol for sensor wire could impact the medical technology industry.

Dr Cacie McDorman, engineering manager at Alleima, Dr Bernd Vogel, founder of Endosmart and innovation manager at Alleima, and Jerry Blanton, the company’s sales and marketing manager, will give a presentation about how Alleima’s medical unit is developing automated processes to manufacture small-scale components, as well as how they make it possible to implement more capabilities out of the same final product dimensions. These products are as small as roughly one-tenth of a milligram in weight and barely visible.

As part of its ongoing endeavour to expand its global footprint and grow its capabilities to better serve its customers, Alleima recently acquired Endosmart, which provides surgical Nitinol instruments and components, such as kidney stone retrieval baskets, snares, and breast cancer tumour markers. The partnership is intended to pave the way for further innovation in the world of Nitinol, including incorporating biosensor technologies.

With these exciting advancements on the horizon, now is the ideal time to form partnerships with medical device component experts to work together and design a product that can change patients’ lives. Contact Alleima here to find out more about the webinar or to register for attendance.