ForaCare has announced that it is donating tools such as its new Fora Autonomous Temperature Measuring Station to healthcare providers in 15 countries. The Fora Autonomous Temperature Measuring Station allows professionals to test temperatures quickly and safely. It uses a non-touch temperature monitor, with an iPad device equipped with FORA Telehealth software, and a medical cart.

Intouch Group will donate over $100,000 to Heart to Heart International (HHI) programs that aim to limit the spread of Covid-19, such as infection prevention and control training and hygiene kits. HHI, along with Intouch, will provide its new infection prevention and control training for free to nonprofit organizations. The training is based on CDC and WHO guidance.

Polar Pak plans to manufacture over 2 million medical face shields for Health Canada and other customers amid the Covid-19 pandemic. Over 4 million face shields are required over the next two months.

Vessel Medical has announced that it will provide thousands of N95 masks to hospital systems, police departments and fire departments in South Carolina amid the Covid-19 pandemic. The company hopes to address the shortage of personal protective equipment for frontline workers which will increase their safety while working. N95 masks are capable of blocking up to 95% of very small 0.3 micron particles.