Seegene announced that it has developed the world’s first variant diagnostic test, which that can simultaneously detect Covid-19 and screen for multiple virus variants. The Allplex SARS-CoV-2 Master Assay can detect ten different targets via primary real-time PCR testing in approximately two hours. The company will also be researching additional versions of variant diagnostic tests.

Aditx Therapeutics has announced that Eazy Testing, a Covid-19 testing and wellness centre, will be offering its AditxtScore for Covid-19 across locations in California. Eazy Testing currently offers Covid-19 testing services including rapid tests across nine locations across the state. It also provides at-location services for pre-tests passengers, individuals, and groups.

Genetic Technologies has announced a co-exclusive production and distribution rights and license agreement with US-based Infinity BiologiX, a next-generation central laboratory. The two companies will produce, distribute and sell the Genetic’s Covid-19 serious disease risk (SDR) test in the US. The test uses a combination of genetic and clinical information to predict the risk of an individual developing a serious disease should they contract the COVID-19 virus.