Healthtech startup Patchwork.Health has made its Covid-19 staffing solution freely available to all NHS Trusts to help support them in the ongoing pandemic.

Patchwork.Health’s app can be established within any NHS Trust within five days. The technology will allow hospitals to advertise urgent shift vacancies to tens of thousands of qualified medical professionals through the company’s partnership with the British Medical Journal.

The company has seen a 100% daily increase in clinicians taking shifts through the app, with 3,500 Covid-19 vacancies going live each week over the past month.

The Patchwork.Health team have also enlisted the support of Wagestream and Truu ID to further ease the burden on NHS systems. Wagestream will enable clinicians using the app to access their wages as soon as they need them, and Truu ID will enable the instant passporting of credentials, helping Trusts around the UK to validate clinicians and onboard them in as little time as two minutes.