METTLER TOLEDO Vision Inspection for Medical Device Labeling

METTLER TOLEDO CI-Vision provides vision inspection solutions for the printing and verification of medical device labeling applications in the medical device sector.

Supporting solutions for many types of medical device labeling requirements, the company’s label printing and quality inspection systems ensure clients’ products will feature the necessary information to meet industry regulations and provide the critical information users require for safe use.

METTLER TOLEDO’s flexible systems are available in a range of sizes, colors, and locations of labeling.

Printing solutions for large-batch medical device labeling

METTLER TOLEDO provides labeling solutions for manufacturing applications and clinical trials.

Both table-top and standalone systems are available to meet client requirements.

METTLER TOLEDO’s printing machines provide easy-to-read labels that clearly display information and have the necessary codes in place to allow users to find additional information about the device. This is pertinent for users that are not trained medical professionals.

The labels also have a high print quality to prevent flaws that can potentially lead to a misreading or misunderstanding.

Medical device label inspection systems

Designed to ensure smooth medical device production, METTLER TOLEDO offers systems that immediately inspect printed labels.

This timely verification ensures that printing errors are instantly identified and the defective labels are removed. These systems also feature variable speeds, with the ability to adjust printing speed in concert with conveyor speeds in the event of an upstream issue.

The company also offers reel-to-reel inspection of pre-printed labels to ensure products meet custom specifications.

Print and inspection solutions for the medical device industry

 Medical device manufacturers can ensure product branding is well presented with METTLER TOLEDO’s print and inspection solutions.

For management of rejected labels, the company offers a manual or automated rejection of misprints, dependent upon client requirements and production goals.

The V2811 Label on Web is a desktop system with manual rejection methods that is recommended to support small-batch runs and clinical trials, while the V2810 Label on Web solution automatically tracks and rejects mislabeled products.


METTLER TOLEDO provides clients with  comprehensive service and support, with highly experienced staff and a presence in 39 countries.

The company supports the custom requirements of its clients, who will be able to quickly and easily set up its systems to ensure labeling production compliance.

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