Biesterfeld Spezialchemie has been granted distribution rights for Italy by Dymax, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of light-curing adhesives, potting compounds, conformal coatings and curing equipment, with immediate effect. These products, which are primarily used in medical technology, industry and electronics sectors, have been distributed by Biesterfeld in the DACH region, the Baltic countries and parts of eastern Europe since 2018. In 2020 the distribution area was extended to include more eastern European countries such as Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria. “We already have valuable experience in the eastern European market, from which our Italian customers will now benefit,” says Johannes Martin, Product Manager Performance Products at Biesterfeld Spezialchemie.

Among the innovative products in the Dymax portfolio are special protective coatings and potting compounds that cure in seconds under UV or visible light. This enables rapid processing, increasing throughput in the production process while simultaneously reducing processing costs. Some of the solvent-free products even meet the requirements of IPC and MIL SPEC.

The product range also includes many light-curing adhesives for medical applications. One example is the catheter series CTH, specially designed for bonding tubes and connectors made of different materials. For instance, Dymax 215-CTH-UR-SC optimally bonds not only traditional catheter materials, such as PC, PVC and PET but also hard-to-bond plastics, including Nylon 12 and PEBA. The adhesive is flexible, fills gaps and cures in seconds under UV light. Like all medical-grade adhesives from Dymax, it has also been successfully tested to ISO 10993. The main advantage of this adhesive is its patented Encompass™ technology, which uses a colour change during curing to make both manual and automated production processes even more effective and reliable.

Dr Anna Geffken, Product Manager Medical Device at Biesterfeld Spezialchemie, adds: “Innovative products from Dymax are in high demand among our customers because they also enable the production of modern medical products, such as point-of-care test systems, including for example rapid antigen tests for SARS-CoV-2.”

A range of light-curing devices is also available to suit the products, such as the Dymax BlueWave® AX-550 series of emitters and controllers. The compact LED flood emitter is very easy to use, can be easily integrated into existing conveyor systems and is available in different wavelengths.

Jürgen Eberhardt, Sales Manager EMEA at Dymax, is delighted: “The expansion of our cooperation to include the Italian market is a clear sign of our successful partnership with Biesterfeld. Italy is an important focus region for us and we’re happy that we can now make use of the extensive product knowledge, the many years of experience in the adhesives sector and Biesterfeld’s outstanding customer service in this region, too.”

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