Many Dymax 1000-series adhesives are ISO 10993 approved. They are ideal for bonding a wide variety of substrates found in reservoirs and housings, respiratory devices, needles and syringes, transducers, tube sets and fittings, wearable devices and other medical disposables.

Dymax MD® 1406-M needle bonding adhesive cures using LED light at either 385 or 406 nm wavelength light for fast bonding of substrates typically used in needle / syringe assemblies and other medical devices. This product fluoresces blue for in-line inspection of the bond line under low-intensity black light (365 nm). Bondable substrates include stainless steel, PP, PE, ABS, PC, PEI, PETG, PMMA, and PS, as well as PVC. 1406-M needle bonding adhesive resists yellowing, has superior water resistance, and low viscosity for improved wetting. 1406-M also meets ISO 10993-5 cytotoxicity approval.

MD®1406-M needle bonding adhesive is in full compliance with the RoHS2 directives 2015 / 863 / EU.