High-functionality and intelligent ergonomics play a key role in medical design. In Erdmann Design engineering projects, bold ideas create a climate where innovation can thrive.

Industrial designer at Erdmann Design Raimund Erdmann said: “Innovation results from curiosity and the desire for a better future.

“Using our feed-forward method we advise start-up firms, small companies and internationally traded enterprises. The result: excellent industrial design, meaningful corporate design and Swiss design management.”

Design stands for visual qualities, but it also means finding intelligent solutions that influence a firm’s strategic planning. Ergonomics determine a multitude of design characteristics, which are adapted for individual user groups.

The award-winning project

The Stryker Navigation System makes minimally invasive interventions in neuro, nose, ear, neck and back regions, as well as highly precise hip and knee replacements, possible.

On a screen, the doctor follows the position of the surgical instrument within the patient’s body and can simultaneously examine and respond to kinematic data feedback. Simple, safe handling and ease of learning to use the system were defining criteria for the design development of this medical tool.

Modularity in the operating room

The cart’s modular structure makes optimal positioning of the system relative to the patient possible.

Thanks to its compact setup the flexible basic station can be easily integrated into the operating room. The use of the system from the sterile and non-sterile sides is facilitated by the arrangement of the two screens.

Intelligent instruments

Software guidance is accomplished in the infrared diode-equipped instrument through the implementation of buttons.

The physician at the operating table decides each step of the surgery process via scroll and apply functions, and can communicate the operation process to the non-sterile environment through remote control.

Interaction on-screen

The design of the software interfaces is optimised for service from a distance. Information pertinent to the surgeon is emphasised on-screen with a darkened background colour.

The blue focus bar indicates each step of the procedure and an explanatory illustration supports the work process.

Design awards

Erdmann Design has received more then 50 awards in medical design during the last 40 years, including Good Design Award Japan, Red Dot, IF Hannover, Good Design USA and Swiss Design.