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Full-Service Medical Micromanufacturing

5811 99th Avenue,
Kenosha WI 53144,
United States of America

5811 99th Avenue,
Kenosha WI 53144,
United States of America

Mikrotech is a leading ISO-certified micro manufacturer of custom-designed components and subassemblies for medical devices used in minimally invasive surgery (MIS). Mikrotech offers a comprehensive range of services to support MIS designers and manufacturers in all phases of the product development cycle, including micromachining, micromolding, insert micromolding, micro subassembly, and plastic design and manufacturing engineering assistance.

The company’s micromanufacturing processes overcome the limitations of established technologies, facilitating smaller components with complex features and high-precision tolerances.

Precision plastic micromachining services

Mikrotech offers multi-axis and Swiss screw micromachining for prototype and short-run production. Mikrotech has the capability of micromachining high-performance plastics such as ABS, PEEK, PAI (Torlon), PPS, PEI, PTFE and glass-filled materials including LCP and PEI (Ultem).

Micromolding equipment for MIS components

Mikrotech’s Battenfeld Microsystem 50 offers twice the precision and repeatability of conventional molding equipment. It can accurately mold components weighing less than 0.1g (0.0035oz) and has the capability of micromolding high-performance plastics such as LCP, PC, PEEK, PEI, PPS and PSU. Other features of Mikrotech’s micromolding equipment include:

  • Dimensional tolerances of ±0.005mm (0.0002in)
  • Maintain wall thicknesses as low as 0.08mm (0.003in)
  • Shot-to-shot volume consistency of 0.001cm³
  • Runner weight of less than 0.25g

Insert micromolding equipment

Our Battenfeld Microsystem 50 is ideal for insert micromolding. It can reduce complex secondary operations, such as bonding and welding, and increase production yields. Platinum iridium, stainless steel, titanium and tungsten can all be insert micromolded using our equipment.

Micro subassembly of MIS components

Mikrotech offers in-house custom automation for micro subassembly, as well as full-service design, project management, fabrication, machining and welding. Our engineers and machine builders are experienced in medical device automation. Mikrotech also has a complete in-house and on-site service department.

MIS device design and manufacturing engineering assistance

Mikrotech’s in-house design and manufacturing engineering team uses advanced design tools such as SolidWorks, SmarTeam (PDM), Moldflow, GearTrax and CosmosWorks.

Mikrotech has an experienced engineering team with a focused understanding of medical devices used in MIS. We have the ability to help reduce the complexity of manufacturing MIS devices through the process of reducing or eliminating processes that 1) use expensive machined components; 2) require highly skilled labor (artisans) using a microscope; and 3) require complex secondary operations to assemble them.

Micromanufacturing technology can be an excellent lower-cost alternative to designing and manufacturing components and subassemblies for MIS devices.

Cost-Effective Micro Moulding Solutions

Micro moulding can be an excellent lower cost alternative to machining. It can also be a nice alternative to outsourcing offshore, eliminating the complexities associated with logistics, quality control and the potential risk of losing intellectual property.

Mikrotech Expands Micro Machining Capabilities

Mikrotech announced today that it has increased its micro machining capability by adding a 5-axis micro machining center. The new 5-axis micro machining center will give medical device designers and manufacturers the ability to design and fabricate smaller components with more complex features and higher precision tolerances.

Mikrotech Enhances Functionality and Design of Website

Mikrotech has announced today that they have updated their website, www.mikrotech.com. The company's goals were to improve the visibility of the website and navigation for additional content in the future. In addition, the website was modified in line with recent changes to search engine optimization (SEO).


5811 99th Avenue

Kenosha WI 53144


United States of America