Watlow High-Performance Heaters, Sensors and Controllers for Medical Devices

Watlow designs and manufactures high-quality integrated thermal system components, including industrial temperature sensors, controllers and supporting software.

The company’s innovative solutions accurately measure and control heat delivery for a wide range of medical devices. Watlow utilises its engineering expertise and industry experience to develop technology that meets customer requirements and enables sustainable market growth.

Watlow also helps optimise thermal performance in existing systems, improving efficiency for many applications in the semiconductor, pharmaceutical, energy processing, automotive and foodservice industries.

Thermal solutions and temperature sensors for clinical diagnostic instruments

Watlow provides thermal solutions for the development of clinical diagnostic instrumentation. Its equipment ensures uniform operating temperatures and rapid prototyping, including proof-of-concept testing and design iterations.

Available products include ceramic, in-line, polyimide and silicone rubber heaters, as well as multi-function controllers and sensor technologies.

Watlow’s sensor and wire cable offerings include thermocouples, resistance temperature detectors (RTD) and thermistors, as well as wires, mineral insulated cables and connectors.

Advanced ceramic heaters

Watlow’s ULTRAMIC is an advanced ceramic heater with high-thermal conductivity for a ramp rate of up to 150°C (270°F) per second. This robust system meets global safety standards, including Conformité Européene (CE), Underwriters Laboratories (UL) and Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) directives.

ULTRAMIC’s electrical performance assures low leakage current, while its type K thermocouple optimises its accuracy and temperature sensing abilities. It also has high electrical isolation and chemical resistance.

Constructed from aluminium nitrade (AIN), the unit is suitable for applications requiring a non-contaminating heat source and geometric stability. It can operate at temperatures up to 400°C (752°F).

In-line heaters for high limit control

Watlow’s FLUENT in-line heater is a small, lightweight and robust integrated thermal solution with high-watt density and an internal thermocouple for high limit control.

The unit replaces multiple components such as traditional immersion-type heaters, integrating a cost-effective design with fast responses and high performance.

FLUENT also features Watlow’s patented spray technology, which optimises heat transfer and temperature uniformity.

Polymide heaters for low-vacuum outgassing

Watlow’s Polymide Heaters comprise a thin, lightweight polymer film that results in thermal stability over a wide temperature range.

This transparent material provides high-tensile strength and tear-resistance, while also allowing medical device users to inspect internal mechanics.

It is also resistant to radiation, chemical interference and fungal spores, as well as being suitable for applications requiring low outgassing in a vacuum.

Silicone rubber heater solutions

Watlow’s customisable silicone rubber heaters supply heat for a large number of situations, including improving heat transfer, quick warm-ups and decreasing wattage requirements.

This lightweight solution is made from fibreglass-enforced silicone rubber that provides dimensional stability without loss of flexibility. Due to its thin design, heat transfer is rapid and efficient. It can also be used for applications where space is limited.

With more than 80 customisable designs, Watlow’s rubber heaters are constructed with wire-wound or etched foil elements, which provide a dynamic approach with repeatable watt-density distribution.

The products are also moisture and chemical-resistant to extend heater service life.

Thermal system controllers for medical devices

The EZ-ZONE PM panel-mount controller offers a simple-to-use interface for the management of current flow in thermal systems. It has a wide range of serial communications capabilities and provides alarm indications if an output device or heater load fails.

The unit can be ordered as a proportional–integral–derivative (PID) controller or combined into an integrated design.

Watlow’s SERIES EHG SL10 is an integrated, multi-function controller that comprises a heater, an adjustable set-point temperature controller, a high / low-temperature alert, a power switching device and a high-temperature safety limit.

It complies with the safety requirements of UL® 1998 and CE 60730.

About Watlow

Watlow is a thermal solutions provider that holds more than 450 patents. It employs 2,700 employees in nine manufacturing facilities and three technology centres in the US, Mexico, Europe and Asia.

The company also has sales offices in 16 countries worldwide, providing its customers with high-quality thermal products and services.

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Press Release

Watlow® Introduces its Watlow SELECT™ Visual Designer™

Watlow has introduced the SELECT™ Visual Designer™, a product configuration tool that uses imagery to quickly and effectively communicate the features of the product being designed via the Watlow SELECT programme.

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Press Release

4 October 2018

Watlow has introduced the SELECT™ Visual Designer™, a product configuration tool that uses imagery to quickly and effectively communicate the features of the product being designed via the Watlow SELECT programme.

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Watlow Electric Manufacturing Co.

Brennhoflehen – Kellau 156

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+49 7253 9400 0 www.watlow.com

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