Ocean Insight is an applied spectral knowledge (ASK) company that utilises application expertise, spectral technology, and manufacturing scalability to enable clients to address significant tasks for a cleaner, healthier and safer future.

For more than 25 years, Ocean Insight has discovered, refined and provided innovative approaches to problem-solving with imaging technology and spectroscopy. We partner with industry, research and science consumers to accomplish aspiring objectives and leverage the power of light for development in the health, environment and safety market.

We are progressing to meet the requirements of an increasing range of applications and industries. Furthermore, we strengthen optical sensing product innovation, intensifying technical services to create custom solutions.

Delivering valuable insights on spectral technology

ASK is a blend of innovative spectroscopy software, hardware and on-demand data distribution. It is supported by profound category knowledge and combines our historic strength in product design and growth with in-house, category-specific, cross-functional expertise.

By drawing from disciplines including software and systems development, industrial design, and electrical, mechanical and optical engineering, we have accumulated the capability to offer intensive client collaboration on highly precise experiments across numerous fields.

We offer dedicated facilities, world-class expertise and advanced computing to deliver breakthrough energy toward project aims. Our team is the bond between outlining adverse challenges, as well as supplying the insight and tools to resolve them.

Power of insight

Knowledge, resources, and time can be in scarcity, yet they are crucial elements in advancing operations. Through a partnership with Ocean Insight scientists, we can utilise our world-class laboratory facilities and next-generation machine learning architecture.

Our dedicated team brings years of knowledge in optical sensing to extend services from fundamental viability studies to elaborate offerings, including consultancy, experimental design, and machine learning. We have worked alongside life sciences clients on numerous life-changing projects such as innovative diagnostics for cataracts and anti-microbial catheter coatings.

Spectral technology: custom product development

We offer application-specific services, expertise and solutions to outline and resolve significant challenges across various fields and disciplines. Clients profit from our laser-like focus on innovative technology, custom system design and application consultancy, as well as manufacturing expertise and worldwide assistance and support system.

Ocean Insight’s specialised development teams aid in bridging the gap from design concept to result, speeding time to market, as well as providing key insights.

Delivering customised spectroscopy solutions

We deliver application-specific spectroscopy modules incorporated into systems, as well as portable devices, which harness optical sensing to provide intuitive, fast and accurate solutions.

Furthermore, we offer turnkey instrumentation for laboratories, as well as process diagnostic solutions for the line.

Spectral technology in medical and life sciences

From health problems related to ageing populations to the increasing demand for more accurate, faster diagnostic tools, life sciences and biomedical professionals need application insight and analytical instrumentation that are smarter, simpler and more durable.

Whether evaluating colourimetric assays or observing trace quantities of chemicals, our sensing tools guarantee traceability and accuracy with quantitative measurements.

From fluorescence sensing in polymerase chain reactions (PCR) to compound multispectral imaging, our technologies are paving the way for accurate and quick diagnostics.

Personalised medicine through valuable insight

As we deviate from one-size-fits-all medicine towards accessibility and personalisation, the requirement for non-destructive and non-invasive technologies such as spectral sensing to analyse results continues to rise.

Applying spectral sensing to life sciences and biomedical tasks requires a combination of application knowledge, scalable software and algorithm development. We are a partner in applying spectral understanding to solve monitoring and diagnostic challenges.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and software development

We provide a full service of software options from convenient graphical user interface tools to custom algorithm development and high-level programming libraries. Furthermore, we offer software at various levels of complexity, power and programmability to meet a full spectrum of automation and spectral analysis needs.

For clients dealing with complex data sets, tools such as chemometrics, algorithm development and machine learning deliver a further level of understanding. Our influential Ocean Intelligence machine learning is optimal for forward-looking identification and quantification, turning information into the answers clients require.

Manufacturing and global supply

Ocean Insight has a worldwide manufacturing and supply network with International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) certified operations across Asia, Europe and the US.

We have comprehensive experience in quality protocols and custom solutions, which enables us to manage production for start-ups and large companies, as well as help clients to deliver actionable, decisive results.