The high performance, high definition Ocean HDX spectrometer is available in an extended-range (-XR) version that covers the UV-NIR wavelength range. High Definition Spectrometer Covers 200-1100 nm.

Ocean HDX spectrometer uses a robust optical bench design, optimised components and precision engineering to maximise optical resolution, increase throughput, reduce stray light and maintain thermal stability for integrated, industrial and research applications.

HDX has a back-thinned CCD array and High Definition Optics design, with X-Platform Electronics to enhance communication capabilities, plus powerful onboard storage and processing functions. Store up to 50,000 spectra and take advantage of onboard averaging to capture more spectral data in less time. Interface options include USB, Gigabit Ethernet, Wi-Fi, AP Wi-Fi and RS-232.

The Ocean HDX-XR extended wavelength range model has a 10 µm slit and provides a response from 200-1100 nm. This enables various applications across the UV, Visible and Shortwave NIR.


  • High Definition Optics – provides high optical resolution and excellent peak symmetry for applications such as elemental analysis, plasma monitoring and endpoint detection
  • High throughput – suits low light-level applications such as fluorescence, bioluminescence and phosphorescence
  • Low stray light – excellent for unified colour measurements; gives accurate measurements of analytes in solutions with high optical density samples such as inks and dyes
  • Small, thermally stable, compatible – integrates easily into production process environments for many industrial applications
  • Extended-range option — special -XR grating enables wavelength response from 200-1100 nm

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