Ocean Insight’s innovative optical sensing technologies are assisting pharmaceutical researchers in fighting Covid-19 detection, testing and prevention-associated challenges.

Solutions for virus testing

Ocean Insight optical sensing technologies offer speed, portability and less invasive sample collection during testing. Our technologies can be integrated into PCR, fluorescence, Raman or other testing devices for rapid Covid-19 detection.

Supporting our partners

The journey to controlling Covid-19 is like a long-distance race. As we think of what was, what is, and what will be, we are proud of all who are working toward finding effective solutions to battle the virus. Whether you are working on clinical diagnostics, designing medical instrumentation to support patients, evaluating UV light disinfection sources, or setting up initial research, thank you.

Our mission at Ocean Insight has become more important than ever. Indeed, as health care officials refocus on virus detection, our sensing technologies can be integrated into portable devices for faster, more accurate virus screening and testing, while making sample prep as simple as collecting saliva. And that’s just one element of the pandemic response.

Patient monitoring and vaccine R&D

From acute care diagnostics to research and development of vaccines and therapeutics, Ocean Insight customers take advantage of analytical instrumentation and application insight that are simpler, smarter and more robust than other options.

UV lighting for disinfection of PPE and facilities

Ocean Insight modular spectrometers are effective tools for monitoring the output of UV lamps, including virus-disrupting wavelengths in the UVC region (200-280 nm).

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