It is one of the main challenges found in medical devices using “traditional” materials like stainless steel i.e. in a handle for a delivery system for an implant that it will require an increasing amount of force the more it is deformed. The principle is shown in the illustration below.

EUROFLEX has recently developed a solution to solve that problem by manufacturing unique Nitinol springs that will deform under a steady degree of force, before returning back to their original shape when pressure is released. Thus the doctor gets a constant response without dealing with increasing forces. This makes the handling much more stable and the medical procedure more precise.

Illustration 1: Deformation and application of force in traditional materials and superelastic Nitinol alloys.

EUROFLEX offers Nitinol components that can be exposed to a constant degree of force while enabling continuous deformation.

Shape memory alloys like Nitinol can be deformed up to a certain degree and will return to their original shape when unloaded, by storing deformation energy.
EUROFLEX’ capability to perform shape setting on Nitinol material enables the development of components “remembering” any shape your product demands. Euroflex offers all required pre and post-processing steps by using continuous rolled sheet, stamping, Laser processing, EDM cutting, followed by shape-setting and surface treatments like sand-blasting, etching and e-polishing.

Possible applications are:

  • Delivery Systems for Implants
  • Surgical Instruments
  • Orthodontic devices
  • Orthopaedic devices

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