Gorman-Rupp Industries (GRI) is excited to introduce to its current lines of Compact Bellows Metering Pumps and Mini Bellows Pumps, a Bleach-Compatible Bellows Pump™ (BCBP). The BCBP, built on GRI’s time-proven bellows and valving technology, is engineered to be incorporated into the sanitization process of laboratory and medical equipment.

Mini Bellows Metering Pumps are ideal for low flow, low pressure metering applications. The pump is constructed entirely of plastic and provides an accurate chemically resistant metering pump with a long life, at an economical price. Now, because of GRI’s bleach-compatible technology, the Mini Bellows Metering Pump offers a wider range of use in the medical industry.

GRI’s Compact Bellows Metering Pumps were specifically designed for metering applications requiring low discharge pressures. Compact pumps have been successfully applied in photo, X-ray and dental film processors, silver recovery, and scientific and analytical instruments. This pump now offers even more flexibility with its bleach-compatible version. As with all GRI pumps, the BCBP offers multiple OEM options.

GRI’s High-Speed Magnetic Drive Pump is a continuation of the successful MDII Mag-Drive Pump. The brushless DC magnetic-drive pump offers longevity due to a ceramic thrust washer and pressures up to 24psi. GRI’s mag-drive pumps offer multiple OEM options.

Since 1953, GRI’s innovative pumping concepts and pump designs have revolutionized how fluids are moved within OEM applications worldwide. GRI’s goal is to meet your special needs, whether it’s modifying a current product or designing a new pump according to your exact specifications. Our technical sales staff and engineering department are uniquely structured to quickly evaluate your application and create a solution specific to your pumping needs.

As the needs of the market change, GRI stands ready with the technology, engineering expertise and manufacturing capability necessary to meet these challenges and provide superior pumping solutions to help move the markets into the future.

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