To face the growth of its market, Ionisos’s plant in Dagneux has been modernized and production will now be automated. The investment will allow a 30% increase in Dagneux’s output, as well as profits of quality and productivity related to the handling of the parcels.
Treatment times will be reduced and the working conditions of the personnel will be improved.

Ionisos will increase its output during August 2009.
An investment of more than €2 million will make it possible for the Ionisos group to have six modern and powerful production sites across France and Spain. The production factories are:

  • Three gamma factories: Dagneux (01), Sablé-sur-Sarthe (72) and Pouzauges (85)
  • Two ebeam factories: Chaumesnil (10) and Tarancon, near Madrid in Spain
  • One ethylen oxide plant with Gien (45)

With this development, the Ionisos group has strengthened its position as the most renowned sterilization company for the south of Europe.