STERIS Isomedix Services to Add Small Volume Ethylene Oxide Processing in California

STERIS Isomedix Services is pleased to announce the expansion of its existing Temecula, California ethylene oxide sterilisation facility to include small volume processing.

The expansion will add four small ethylene oxide chambers of various sizes to the existing medium sized chambers already in use at the Temecula facility.

STERIS sales vice-president Thad Wroblewski said: "With the addition of small volume processing, we are better positioned to support the processing needs of both established medical device manufacturers and regional start upfirms.

"Not only are we able to offer customers a variety of chamber sizes, the new equipment includes speciality processing options such as low temperature cycles, parametric release and EOExpress expedited processing."

In addition to the new chambers, the facility also updated its existing ethylene oxide processing equipment, including the boilers and chillers.

The new chambers will be operational in early 2016.

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