Ziehm Vision RFD hybrid edition

Ziehm Imaging has obtained marketing clearance from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for its high-end motorised mobile C-arm Ziehm Vision RFD hybrid edition.

The C-arm Ziehm Vision RFD hybrid edition includes intuitive joystick operation, a 25kW generator, distance control for non-contact surface recognition to support patient safety, advanced active cooling for optimal generator temperature during challenging procedures, and object detected dose control for optimised image quality even when an object is moving or on the periphery of the anatomy.

The device provides maximum image quality with minimum dose. It provides field of view up to 900cm² and incorporates ZAIP adaptive filter.

According to Ziehm Imaging, Ziehm Vision RFD hybrid edition is the first mobile C-arm offering motorisation of all four axes. The device offers a flexible, space- and cost-saving alternative to fix installed systems.

Movement can be accurately steered with the position control centre directly from the sterile field, enhancing precision and saving valuable time during surgery.

The pulsed monoblock generator with up to 25kW performance delivers crystal-clear images. With flat-panel detectors measuring 20cm x 20cm and 30cm x 30cm, Ziehm Vision RFD hybrid edition provides distortion-free imaging in cardiology, cardiac and vascular surgery.

Ziehm Vision RFD hybrid edition represents a group of optional hardware and software that creates an option package on the device named Ziehm Vision RFD.

Ziehm Imaging managing director Klaus Horndler said: "Each position can be stored at the touch of a button and called up again at any time. This allows the operator to access the desired viewing angles and anatomic visualisations without having to constantly reposition the system on the OR table."

Image: Ziehm Imaging gets FDA approval for Ziehm Vision RFD hybrid edition. Photo: courtesy of Ziehm Imaging.