Japan-based ophthalmology medical devices and software solutions provider Topcon Healthcare has launched its new Aladdin-M system to the US market.

This system enables the objective measurement of corneal curvature, pupil dynamics, and axial length metrics by combining corneal topography, pupillometry, and optical biometry.

It offers the vital tools required to support myopia management in addition to features need for keratoconus screening and contact lens fitting.

Aladdin-M features an exclusive software, which allows documentation of axial length measurements, to detect risk factors and track changes in Rx and axial length measurements. This is said to help in tracking progression and response to treatment, over time.

The instrument is claimed to be compact, easy to operate, and is said to provide rapid capture to guarantee patient satisfaction.

Topcon Healthcare Marketing and Product Design global VP John Trefethen said: “Aladdin-M is ideally suited to help eye care professionals combat the growing crisis of myopia. Its versatility and ease of use allow eye care professionals to easily build a myopia service within their practice, educate patients on the implications of myopia, manage their patients’ conditions, and grow their service offerings.”

It is estimated that 50% of the world’s population may become myopic by 2050.

In July, Topcon Healthcare acquired Henson line of perimeter business of UK-based Elektron Eye Technology (EET).

In 2018, Topcon obtained approval from the US FDA for the sale of artificial intelligence (AI) based medical device for the detection of an eye disease associated with diabetes called diabetic retinopathy.