WeTrade Group has entered a strategic partnership with Jiqing Biomedical Technology to offer monkeypox tests.

With the aim of developing domestic and international markets, the companies will produce and provide exclusive sale channels across the world for the monkeypox test kits and antigen tests.

Monkeypox has been declared a public health emergency in the US due to its rapid spread.

Jiqing’s bioresearch and development team has developed two monkeypox virus detection kits, one antigen test (colloidal gold technique) and one nucleic acid test (RT-LAMP), in an effort to help prevent and control the epidemic.

Technical service provider WeTrade offers software as a service (SAAS) and has independently developed the cloud intelligent system (YCloud) for micro-businesses.

Through technology and big data analysis, YCloud bolsters marketing relationships and the CPS commission profit management of users.

Under the collaboration deal with Jiqing, WeTrade will provide new generation technology, from computer technology and big data accumulation in YCloud, to support the medical industry.

The company will also build an SaaS platform and data platform to help redesign the medical industry’s patterns.

WeTrade CEO Pijun Liu said: “The Covid pandemic has caused tremendous harm to the public, and the monkeypox has caused significant impact on people in several countries.

“To solve the issue, we are looking forward to the cooperation between us and Jiqing.

“We hope to bring the two monkeypox virus test kits to the market as soon as possible by technology empowerment, to help prevent and control the virus, and to reduce the harm for the public worldwide.”