To meet accelerated customer demand, Accumold has an extensive array of in-house micro mould tooling capabilities, as well as state-of-the-art automation, production and efficient packaging experiences.

Micro mould tooling

Control of the mould design and build process is essential to the success of any micro moulded project. Accumold has an in-house micro mould tooling design, build and maintenance resources that operate around the clock.

These in-house resources also play a critical role in process validation, product changes and ongoing preventive maintenance programmes.

The probability for successful outcomes increases dramatically when the responsibility for project and production planning, timeline, and execution are controlled within a single entity.


In tandem with Accumold’s in-house tooling, its world-class facilities are designed to produce. Accumold has more than 175 presses dedicated to small and micro moulded production output.

Operating 24/7, these production facilities are capable of scaling to meet our customer’s demands from prototype to millions a month.

Accumold’s production team works closely with its tool build and maintenance teams to ensure high-quality parts, made-to-print and on-time.

Automation and packaging

How parts are handled and packaged is as important as how they’re made. Accumold provides in-house custom automation and packaging including reel-to-reel packaging, light subassemblies, lead frame die forming and singulation, in-line inspection, or a wide variety of other custom secondary processes.

The company’s careful parameters and component orientation not only protect your components in shipment but make them readily accessible on the production line.

Accumold’s attention to detail completes the micro moulding process and in many cases makes the difference between a project’s success or failure