Ionisos Medical Device Sterilisation

The French company Ionisos is one of the first companies in the world to have put ionising rays to good use for the sterilisation of medical devices. Originally known as Conservatome (from 1958 to 1993), Ionisos came into being in 1993 following a merger between Conservatome and Amphytrion. Ionisos now offers cold sterilisation for a range of applications, including:

  • Disposable medical supplies
  • Items of packaging: bottles, capsules, stoppers
  • Pharmaceutical industry raw materials or finished products

After different acquisitions, in 2004 further progress in their expansion policy allowed Ionisos to take over COFRAR, a leader company in engineering and realisation of e-beam sterilisation.

In 2007 Ionisos was also integrated with Ionmed, a well established e-beam treatment supplier located near Madrid (Spain).

Today, with five plants using rays (four plants in France, one plant in Spain) and one plant using EO, Ionisos is indisputably a major partner in sterilisation in Europe:

  • Three plants in gamma rays: Dagneux (near Lyon), Sablé (near Le Mans), Pouzauges (near Nantes)
  • Two plants in beta rays 10MeV: Chaumesnil, 10Mev – 20kW (near Troyes), and Ionisos Iberica in Tarancon, 10Mev – 80kW (near Madrid)
  • One plant using EO: Sterylene in Gien (near Orleans)

The Cobalt 60 gamma ray

The gamma ray from Cobalt 60 is safe, reproducible and immediately useable with a high penetrating power treatment.

The beta ray from an e-beam generator

The beta ray produced via an e-beam generator provides the same features, except the penetrating power, less important than in gamma rays. The beta ray, however, is more adaptable within the changing process.

EO sterilisation

Ionisos also offers EO sterilisation using EO gas. The EO sterilisation method allows a more flexible, reliable and efficient process.

Quality sterilisation services

Years of experience and geographic implantation allow Ionisos to work with all major companies involved in medical and pharmaceutical devices. Ionisos customers are present in a vast range of businesses requiring medical sterilisation: medical devices, laboratory material, aseptic production and packaging.

Ionisos is developing a partnership with its customers based on a quality assurance contract enabling it to meet the stringent requirements of this business sector.

All Ionisos plants are ISO 9001, ISO 13485, ISO 11137, ISO 14001 approved. Ionisos is steadily audited by the GMed as it continues to work with many international companies.

More than ever, Ionisos is offering reliable, high-quality solutions to sterilisation projects for all kind of products, with all countries.

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Press Release

Ionisos Acquires Scandinavian Clinics Estonia With the Support of Ardian

Ionisos has announced the acquisition of Scandinavian Clinics Estonia, a specialist in sterilisation solutions.


Parc dombes Cotière activités

01 120 Dagneux


+33 4 78 06 35 08 +33 4 78 06 43 53

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Press Release

20 October 2017

Ionisos has announced the acquisition of Scandinavian Clinics Estonia, a specialist in sterilisation solutions.

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15 December 2016

Provider of cold sterilisation services in France and Spain IONISOS has announced it has completed the acquisition of Leoni Studer Hard from Leoni Group.

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11 April 2007

Active in the electronic industry, the SCHURTER Group achieved a very good result in 2006, it increased its sales turnover by 13.5% to CHF 186.4m. Cash flow increased to CHF 16.4m (+37.6%) and the profit amounted to CHF 8.3m (+91.5%). The substantial increase in profit is primarily due

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4 April 2007

Effective from 1st January 2007, SCHURTER Holding AG in Lucerne, Switzerland, manufacturer and supplier of electronic and electro-mechanical components worldwide, took over the Swiss company of TICOMEL SA, Mendrisio, as well as their affiliated company INTERELECTRONIK in Romania. With m

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12 March 2007

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14 February 2007

27V DC/DC converter integrates input/output isolation, high-current switch and diode to simplify power design. Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) (NYSE: TXN) introduced today a highly integrated boost converter that supports 27V of output voltage and improves battery life in por

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Regional Offices


Parc dombes Cotière activités

01 120 Dagneux


+33 4 78 06 35 08 +33 4 78 06 43 53
Ionisos Iberica

Pol. Industrial Tarancón Sur - C/ Rocinante, parcela 50

16400 Tarancón (Cuenca)



+34 969 32 04 96 +34 969 32 52 02
Ionisos Baltics

Kurvi tee 406a

Alliku 76401 Saue vald



+372 6550 861 +372 568 21800
Ionisos Deutschland

Nikolaux-Otto - Straße 5

02625 Bautzen


+49 (0)35937 8838 0 +49 (0)35937 8838 11

13, zone industrielle du pontet

69380 Civrieux d’Azergues


+33 (0)4 72 54 71 54 +33 (0)4 72 54 72 27

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