Coveris Advanced Coatings Polyurethane-Based Components for Wound Dressings


Coveris Advanced Coatings provides polyurethane-based components in the healthcare market for the manufacture of wound dressings, which are used for the treatment of conditions including pressure ulcers and leg ulcers. These materials can be coloured and printed in-house to create a strong brand identify for our customers.

In addition Coveris Advanced Coatings offers a range of conductive films for use in the manufacture of medical electrodes. Coveris Advanced Coatings also provides a contract coating service for the wound care market.

Polyurethane films for hydrophilic foam and hydrocolloid wound dressings

Polyurethane films are ideal for use in hydrophilic foam and hydrocolloid wound dressings. The polyurethane films provide a bacterial barrier and have excellent breathability, low co-efficient of friction, together with good transparency and an exceptional matt surface. Included are coloured medical films and thicker, self-supporting polyurethane films, as well as polyurethane foams that do not require a support liner.

Our clear filmic casting liners are recommended for situations where there is a need to view the wound as the dressing is applied. A printing service is available to produce branded wound dressings.

Adhesive coated polyurethane films

We offer a wide range of adhesive coated polyurethane films, including:

  • High tack adhesives for blister dressings, bordered dressings, etc
  • Breathable adhesive that provides extended wear time for chronic wound dressings, etc
  • Gentle adhesives for sensitive skin
  • Gamma-sterilisable breathable adhesive
  • Silver-containing adhesive that further enhances the bacterial barrier properties of the films

Polyurethane foams for wound dressings

Coveris Advanced Coatings has a range of polyurethane foams in a variety of thicknesses and colours. These can be supplied in combination with skin-friendly adhesives and polyurethane films; they can be printed to create branded wound dressings offering excellent breathability, protection and bacterial barrier.

Used to create dressings for applications without the need for support films / papers, polyurethane foams provide a low coefficient of friction and an exceptionally soft feel.

Carbon containing conductive films for electrodes

Carbon containing films that can be coated with silver or silver / silver chloride are available for medical electrode applications, including biosensors and cosmetic applications. The films’ precise coating, uniform surface conductivity, and ‘through’ conductivity, make them ideal for use in a variety of compact and lightweight medical diagnostics and treatment devices. Applications include electrodes, defibrillation, muscle stimulation, transdermal drug delivery and other diagnostic devices where through conductivity is required.

Speciality products and coating services

Coveris Advanced Coatings coats speciality products to meet particular customer needs, including:

  • Coating antimicrobial silver material to enhance the bacterial barrier
  • Polyurethane and silicone pressure-sensitive adhesive coatings
  • Coloured polyurethane films and polyurethane foams
  • Printing of polyurethane films and polyurethane foams

For customers who have their own chemistries, we provide a contract coating service. The contract coating package includes R&D and lab coating facilities.

Bacterial film and foam dressings

Coveris Advanced Coatings has a wide range of standard products that supports designers in developing new bacterial barrier film and foam dressings and provides contract coating services for unique designs.

To find out more about our products and services, please visit our website or contact us using the form below.

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Press Release

Polyurethane Foams: What Can Our Product Do For You?

Polyurethane foams from Coveris Advanced Coatings are part of the company's inspire® medical portfolio.

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Press Release

16 January 2015

Polyurethane foams from Coveris Advanced Coatings are part of the company's inspire® medical portfolio.

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24 November 2014

Coveris Advanced Coatings recently exhibited at Medica 2014 in Dusseldorf, Germany.

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12 September 2014

Coveris has announced the launch of its new website, giving customers, investors and career candidates a greater opportunity to learn more about the company's unique packaging and coatings solutions, the markets they serve and their widespread geographic coverage.

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21 July 2014

It has been one year since Coveris Advanced Coatings launched a new range of breathable polyurethane films that are pattern coated with skin-friendly pressure sensitive adhesives.

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Coveris Advanced Coatings

Ash Road North

Wrexham Industrial Estate

LL13 9UF


United Kingdom

+44 1978 660241 +44 1978 661452

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