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Watlow designs and manufactures electric heaters, temperature sensors, controllers and software – all the components of a thermal system. Designing and manufacturing complete thermal systems allows Watlow to recommend, develop and deliver the optimum thermal solution for our customers’ equipment and process heat requirements.

Watlow manufactures thermal systems for a broad range of industries, including semiconductor processing, photovoltaics, energy processing, diesel emissions, foodservice equipment, medical equipment and aerospace.

Thermal components for medical and analytical applications

Expertise in thermal solutions for medical devices and analytical instruments has been a Watlow hallmark for decades. As your life science partner, Watlow offers worldwide manufacturing and distribution, as well as superior application support.

Watlow designs and manufactures thermal solutions with industry requirements in mind. Because Watlow designs and manufactures a wide range of thermal solutions specifically for this industry, our expertise is always growing. By partnering with Watlow, you can take advantage of a broad selection of thermal components designed to work together for optimal efficiency.

Thermal components for patient care equipment and surgical devices

Patient care equipment is directly involved in the care of a patient. For example, blood and IV warmers may be used for a combination of patient comfort, faster recovery and to accelerate the rate of a transfusion. Patient care equipment may be found in hospitals, clinics, nursing homes and home care environments. Control of the thermal and other processes may be critical to the wellbeing and safety of the patients. Keeping the body close to 37°C (98.6°F) is a requirement for many applications.

Watlow thermal component solutions include flexible, cartridge or other heaters that can be designed and manufactured to the equipment’s mechanical and electrical isolation characteristic. Watlow’s ULTRAMIC 600 ceramic heater specifically fits the medical device market because of its low leakage current. Since patient safety is paramount, Watlow safety limit controllers are commonly used in this equipment.

Advanced ceramic heaters for analytical instrumentation

Watlow understands that the thermal component of analytical instrumentation is critical to your success. That is why we have specifically designed heaters to improve the performance of your thermal system. We understand that features like low electrical noise, non-porous materials and rapid temperature cycling can make your design work and help your product pass all the safety and regulatory hurdles it faces in a cost-effective and efficient manner.

Depending on the type of instrumentation and materials being analysed, process temperatures generally range from 300°C to 600°C (572°F to 1,112°F) with some environmental monitoring instrumentation operating over 1,000°C (1,832°F). Watlow has a variety of solutions that cover the range of process temperature. ULTRAMIC 600 advanced ceramic heaters are excellent for injectors in gas chromatographs and ion sources in mass spectrometers, while cartridge and tubular heaters may be used in calorimeters. Ceramic fibre heaters are great heater solutions for environment monitoring applications.

Thermal systems for biotechnology equipment

Biotechnology equipment is a class of equipment or devices concerned with the extraction, replication, amplification and sequencing of DNA from genes. Most biotechnology and clinical applications require an operating temperature at or near body temperature 37°C (98.6°F) where incubation and transfer of fluids is required as part of the process.

Watlow understands how important temperature uniformity and accuracy are to the effectiveness of this equipment. To meet changing technology requirements, Watlow has developed high-precision heater solutions such as flexible, cartridge, thick film and cable. Watlow’s design teams work closely with you to develop thermal assemblies while reducing design times, costs and offering logistics support for the final product.

Temperature controllers for laboratory equipment

For over 30 years, Watlow’s temperature controllers have been the preferred controller for environmental chambers, sterilisation and other laboratory equipment. The reason is Watlow’s advanced control algorithms provide stable and repeatable temperature performance while user interfaces make it easy to set up the controller and operate the laboratory equipment.

Watlow is a leader in providing heaters for steam and ethylene oxide sterilisation. An example is Watlow’s electropolished WATROD® tubular heaters, which resist corrosion and are easy to clean. In addition, Watlow manufactures high-temperature ceramic fibre heaters for optimum performance in laboratory ovens and furnaces.

Global thermal component leadership

Watlow is the world’s largest electric heater, sensor and temperature controller manufacturer. We hold more than 200 patents and employ 2,000 employees working in 12 manufacturing facilities and over 40 technical support centres in Asia, Europe and North America.

As a global company, Watlow supports international design guidelines and agency approvals. Watlow manufactures thermal solutions that meet agency approvals including RoHS, W.E.E.E, CE and UL®.

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