German Design Council Grants Haselmeier German Brand Award - Verdict Medical Devices
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German Design Council Grants Haselmeier German Brand Award

Haselmeier has won German Brand Award 2016 following its successes in the GOOD DESIGN™ Award and the Red Dot Award: Product Design in 2015.

The award aims to discover groundbreaking brands in Germany and to champion these and their makers through a prize competition. Following a rigorous nomination process, an expert panel of judges distinguishes companies by virtue of their brand expertise.

For many years, Haselmeier has been internationally recognised for its innovative ideas and qualitative excellence in the medical technical field. The company’s philosophy also embraces a complex brand management, which has contributed to the success of Haselmeier over the years.

In December 2015, the German Design Council wrote to Haselmeier, stating: "An outstanding example in your industry, your brand represents a unique contribution to the German brand and corporate landscape. You have therefore been nominated by the committees of the German Design Council and the German Brand Institute to take part in the German Brand Award 2016 – Industry Excellence in Branding.

The nomination is also a distinction as only outstanding brands are given the opportunity to participate. The award was formally presented at a ceremony in Berlin on 16 June 2016.

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