Haselmeier develops and manufactures self-injection devices, proprietary designs, technology and intellectual property for the medical device industry.

Self-injection systems for the medical device industry

Haselmeier has more than four decades of experience with medical devices and comply with regulatory requirements to create, design and industrialise self-injection systems.

The company’s self-injection systems are used by pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies worldwide.

D-Flex can be configured for several fixed-dose values and is thus a variable fixed-dose pen.
The compact Axis-D Pen system is made from high-quality plastic.
The i-pen² was designed to provide a cost-effective self-injection device.

Haselmeier creates products that enable a convenient and comfortable self-injection experience by integrating patient feedback into the design of devices.

Early concepts are prototyped for testing and human factors studies capture the handling needs and skills of potential users. The company’s range of drug devices provides successful administration of the drug and a positive user experience.

Human factor studies

Haselmeier offers early-stage activities, including think-tank discussions, paper and product concepts and industrial designs, user handling review and risk-analysis, as well as prototyping of initial concepts up to functional devices.

The company also provides user focus groups and human factor studies for concept and prototype evaluation.

Successful development and industrialisation of drug delivery devices is dependent upon the execution of technical, regulatory and operational requirements.

Haselmeier specialises in qualified design control processes and certified systems using a network of partners and manufacturing operations for an efficient market introduction for drug delivery devices.

Commercial development and industrialisation services include regulatory expertise to support approval strategies and controlled design-to-manufacturing transfer, verification and validation.

Drug delivery devices for manufacturing

Haselmeier adheres to high standards for drug delivery devices to ensure reliable and reproducible manufacturing. Potential improvements are identified at all stages of the product’s lifecycle to provide a safe and state-of-the-art drug delivery device.

Haselmeier provides flexible and reliable manufacturing and lifecycle management using:

  • Certified and modern production facilities and manufacturing processes
  • Qualified personnel
  • A strong network of sub-suppliers and manufacturing partners
  • Continuous engineering and product improvement programme
  • Innovation meetings to identify next product generation

About Haselmeier

Headquartered in Switzerland, Haselmeier has more than four decades of experience in the manufacture of self-injection devices. The products are produced in state-of-the-art facilities in Germany, Czech Republic and India.

Depicting strong brand imagery, Haselmeier’s injection devices are designed and industrialised by the company’s planning and development team. The company employs around 200 people internationally in offices in Europe, the US and India. They work together to manufacture successful products for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry.