Haselmeier Announces the Launch of INSUPen® EZ in India by Biocon - Verdict Medical Devices
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Haselmeier Announces the Launch of INSUPen® EZ in India by Biocon

Haselmeier has announced that Biocon, one of Asia’s premier biotechnology companies, has just launched the INSUPen® EZ in India.

The INSUPen EZ is a second generation pen and follows on the success of Biocon’s premier insulin delivery device INSUPen.

Under the terms of the agreement between the two companies, Biocon has worldwide distribution rights to INSUPen EZ, for use with Biocon’s insulin, Basalog™ and Insugen™, and insulin analogues.

The INSUPen EZ is a reusable insulin pen, based on Haselmeier’s new i-pen² platform and is designed to be easy to use and provide a smoother injection experience.

It can deliver insulin doses from one unit (0.01ml) to 60 units (0.60ml) in increments of one unit (0.01ml) with insulin preparations of 100IU/ml and features an audible sound when dialling a dose for accurate and reliable dosing.

The INSUPen EZ is available in an egg shell white thermo-resistant, lightweight Terluran body and is available in different colours for differentiating insulins.

The launch of INSUPen® EZ, represents another milestone in the long-standing relationship between Biocon and Haselmeier.

"Haselmeier is delighted to collaborate with Biocon and contribute to the market introduction of INSUPen EZ," said Sandra de Haan, director of project management at Haselmeier GmbH.

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