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The Latest in Metering and Dispensing Technology: Scheugenpflug Technology Days 2013

Technology days

Scheugenpflug AG welcomed more than 300 clients and attendees from 20 nations to their Technology Days 2013. The venue of the event was the recently inaugurated new production hall on the company premises.

Aside from ten outstanding technical presentations, which were held in English and German in separate panels, the invited industry audience witnessed hands-on demonstrations of the latest product innovations in vacuum technology, resin degassing and process automation in the new 6000m² production area.

The participation as speakers and exhibitors of eight leading producers of dispensing media and two renowned plant engineering manufacturers underlines once more the significance of aligning dispensing media with metering technology and vice versa.

Miro Kocevar from Sumida, Slovenia, a leading manufacturer of integral solutions for the electrical and electronics industries said he ‘was genuinely surprised by the presence of so many international speakers and attendees from all across the world. It was a good idea to hold the presentations in parallel panels in English and in German’. In his closing assessment, Mr Kocevar adds: "The level of expertise of both the guest speakers and the Scheugenpflug staff was impressive. I am looking forward to the next Technology Days and will certainly come again."

In the centre of the visitors’ attention there was the new processing module. This compact all-in-one system allows an easy and reliable integration of the latest dispensing technology into any existing production line.

All elements and processes essential for high dispensing quality, i.e. the dispensing unit, automatic needle measuring, pot life monitoring and an integrated resin weighing position form a closed, integrated module which connects to the pre-installed axis system and its control unit. External programming is not required. The perfectly tuned compact system guarantees quick integration and optimum dispensing quality right from the start.

Other highlights of the Technology Days were the increasingly important methods for effective degassing of high-performance dispensing media and the latest developments in vacuum dispensing technology. Dispensing free of air bubbles and cavities is essential for producing parts which function reliably during a long service life.

Most interest focused on the vanguard thin-film degassing technology and the advanced material preparation and feeding method, which keeps the resins absolutely air-bubble free throughout the complete metering and dispensing process.

"I was deeply impressed by the high level of technical know-how among the attendees with backgrounds in processing technology and development," said Holger Schuh from The Bergquist Company, one of the speakers and exhibitors at the Scheugenpflug Technology Days 2013. "The hands-on demonstrations of how to match dispensing media with metering and dispensing technology clearly showed which parameters are essential to obtain produced parts of high quality. We will certainly participate again next time."

Scheugenpflug AG thanks all attendees and exhibitors for the successful event and for the interesting presentations and helpful ideas. All participants agreed that such a focused event of expert interaction should be held in regular intervals also in the future.

Image: The processing module was in the focus of the visitors’ attention. The company founder, Erich Scheugenpflug (centre), explains the advantages of integrating this compact system in a production line.

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