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Resorbable Implant Contract Manufacturing

Degradable Solutions (DS) is a well-known company for a broad variety of resorbable products for soft and hard tissue fixation.

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Degradable Solutions (DS) is a well-known company for a broad variety of resorbable products for soft and hard tissue fixation. It possesses internationally patented and certified intellectual property in the field of bone regeneration.

DS is specialised in offering a complete range of services, from development to production of resorbable implants. 15 years of experience and CE marking of more than ten product families guarantee our customers a time and cost-efficient development. Production is set up to meet all regulatory demands and to ensure customer satisfaction.

We also offer drug release products, bioresorbable X-ray markers, resorbable membranes, single-use instruments as well as the possibility of different bio-material coatings, composites and colouring treatments.

Easy graft products harden to form a stable, porous scaffold.
In-situ hardening porous synthetic bone defect filler.
Resorbable cervical cage, with two resorbable X-ray markers.
Coloured screws for enhanced intra-op visibility.
Resorbable multi-layer membrane.

Our own branded products are EasyGraft® and calc-i-oss™. Sysorb®, SolisRS®, Resorb-X® are some selected examples of products we have developed together with and for our customers.

Resorbable implants

Degradable Solutions is one of the pioneers in resorbable implants. Our highly specialised scientists are continuously searching for improved treatment solutions. Our material core competences involve processing of calcium phosphates (tricalcium phosphate, hydroxyapatite, biphasic calcium phosphates), polylactides (PLLA, PLDLA, PLGA) and composite materials. Our broad knowledge of resorbable materials enables us to offer optimised degradable solutions for each specific application.

Resorbable medical device development

As a specialist for resorbable implants Degradable Solutions offers a complete range of services from the development of the entire device, to the manufacturing (in cleanroom), assembling, packaging and sterilisation of resorbable implants, synthetic bone graft substitutes and other medical devices. As an OEM manufacturer, Degradable Solutions’ main technologies are:

  • Coatings
  • Injection moulding
  • Ceramic processing
  • Sintering
  • Compounding
  • Solvent casting
  • Extrusion
  • Hot pressing

In recent years Degradable Solutions has established specialised technologies for thin coatings of ceramic granules as well as metal or resorbable polymer implants. The company has mastered the process and is able to make coatings in the micrometer range.

Innovative product development

As a specialised original equipment and contract manufacturer (OEM/CM) supplier, we always strive to develop new technologies and products that overcome our customers’ challenges. Our objective is to continuously develop unique solutions for our customers, and improved treatment options for patients.

Innovations can be launched faster, as we offer customised product development and production as well as the possibility of small manufacturing lots.

International client base

Degradable Solutions serves customers from all over the world in the business areas of dentistry and orthopaedics. As of 2011, Degradable Solutions is part of the Sunstar Group.

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