Double sided, bioresorbable material composed of polylactic acids blended with acetyl tributyl citrate,a citric acid ester.

The Swiss company Degradable Solutions offers the new MatrixBarrier membrane for dental and medical applications.

MatrixBarrier is a precision device used in guided tissue regeneration (GTR) and guided bone regeneration (GBR) procedures. The composition of GUIDOR Matrix is based on bioresorbable polylactic acid blended with a citric acid ester. These compounds have been safely used in the food and medical industries for over 20 years.


The fully resorbable multi-layer membrane fulfils two major functions:

  • Tissue integration: it provides space for regeneration allowing for early integration of newly formed tissues
  • Barrier function: prohibits the growth of undesired structures, allows for tissue nutritions and vascularisation, and promotes significant gain of attachment

It is formed by two differently perforated layers separated by many inner spacers:

  • The outer layer allows penetration of the adjacent tissue to enter into the inner space of the matrix
  • The inner layer prevents passage of the tissue, but allows nutrients and oxygen to permeate, yielding precise guided tissue regeneration

MatrixBarrier is malleable, it easily adapts to a three-dimensional defect shape. It can be cut and shaped to precisely cover the defect site. It can be manufactured with integrated sutures.

MatrixBarrier is provided sterile and ready to use. The matrix maintains its functional design for at least six weeks and its barrier function for up to three months. Resorption is completed within six to twelve months.

Degradable Solutions offers the possibility to modify the membrane structure as well as the resorption time according to customer requirements.