phocal discs teeth

Degradable Solutions is an OEM/CM specialised company for the development and manufacturing of resorbable and non-resorbable implants for the medical devices market. Thanks to the CE marking and FDA submissions of more than 12 product families, we guarantee our medtech customers a timely and cost-efficient development.

Degradable Solutions has supported Colldent Ltd in the development and manufacturing of the revolutionary Phocal disks for the treatment of dental pathologies like interproximal caries.

Interproximal caries is a growing problem that has traditionally lacked appropriate preventive treatment options.

Phocal discs address this problem as they are topical delivery vehicles designed to fluoridate interproximal tooth surfaces. This action aids in the prevention of dental caries on intact surfaces, arrests progress on surfaces with incipient carious lesions and enhances remineralisation. Phocal disks are also effective at tooth restoration margins and furcations.

These thin, round disks weigh 4.5mg and contain 1.23% fluoride ions. Once positioned interproximally they rapidly expand, soften into a gel and release fluoride for approximately ten minutes before biodegrading.

Independent studies illustrate that phocal disks provide significantly superior fluoride uptake in the interproximal space when compared with fluoride tray gels, varnishes and rinses.

The patented phocal topical fluoride disks are manufactured by using the solvent casting technology in a clean room, and provided in two forms:

  • Pink acidulated phosphate fluoride Apf disks
  • Yellow non-acidic sodium fluoride pHn disks

The Apf disks induce an optimised low pH environment that cleans and etches tooth surfaces and facilitates deeper fluoride penetration.

Apf discs strengthen tooth surfaces making them more caries resistant and also stimulates remineralisation. The pHn disks are more suitable for interproximal sites with ceramic crowns or tooth colored restorations as they do not etch these surfaces while inducing fluoridation and remineralisation.