Swiss company Degradable Solutions is looking for distribution partners for the sysorb resorbable interference screw.

The sysorb is used for the tibial and femoral fixation (primary anchorage) of the autologous tendon grafts (or allograft) in the reconstruction of the cruciate ligament.

sysorb has been widely used in more than 60,000 surgeries and documented in more than 40 publications. It has been demonstrated to be safe, efficient and easy to handle.

The patented turbine-like design of the bioresorbable interference screws, and of its mating screwdriver, allow easy and precise introduction and fixation of the implant. The blunt, atraumatic thread prevents laceration to the graft.

The sysorb screw is made of the amorphous polymer poly-DL-lactide. It degrades fully within approximately one and a half years, leaving no crystalline remnants, unlike crystalline or semi-crystalline polymers.

The degradation kinetics of this polymer assures a strong fixation during the whole healing process.

sysorb’s main advantages are:

  • Excellent biocompatibility of the non-crystalline implant material
  • Unique patented drive adapted to the material and the function of the screw for higher precision during insertion
  • Blunt threads to protect the tendon graft from laceration
  • The screw design is adapted to the material’s properties, preventing screw failure during insertion
  • Fixation strength similar to that of metal screws
  • Force transfer allows the insertion of the screw without pre-drilling and tapping, this results in an optimal compression of the neighbouring bone substance, leading to faster graft healing

Degradable Solutions is an OEM/CM that specialises in the development and manufacture of resorbable and non-resorbable implants for the medical device market. Thanks to the CE marking and/or FDA submissions of more than 12 product families, the company guarantees its customers timely and cost-efficient development.