Construction project

As an attractive business partner and employer, Cendres+Métaux is looking back on a constant growth. Even in economically difficult times, the company with its headquarters in Biel/Bienne (Switzerland) was able to extent their business and to create new jobs. Although in the years 2001-2004 the production area was doubled and additional office space was built, it seems that the cur-rent space is too limited in order to accomplish ongoing projects. The multi-storey building will ena-ble the company to accomplish these objectives. New material developments the company is cur-rently active in. New jobs will be created.

For these reasons, Cendres+Métaux has commissioned a construction project and will begin, ac-cording to the current state of planning, in spring 2012 with the extension.

With the expansion towards the south, the production area was enlarged to 2355m² representing an increase of approximately 51%.