For those unfamiliar, Accumold’s primary technology is injection moulding on a micro-scale, while also specialising in medical, optics, and wearable technologies.

However, we do get one question from time to time. How does Accumold compare with other micro moulders in the USA?

The biggest differentiator and what we frequently obsess about is scalability, scalability, and scalability. Accumold can take two, ten, fifty, or two hundred million component orders, and scale within a moment’s notice to fill your order. If your company is looking for micro moulders in the USA, no one holds a candle to our rapid scalability.

How Does Accumold Scale Faster Than Other Moulders?

Our ability is to scale a product of our history, plant size, and some calculated investments. Our technology, training, facilities, strategic location, and continuity are a few aspects of our operation that give us a strategic edge over micro moulders in the USA.

Micro Mould Technology

Accumold has a competitive advantage from a micro moulding press capability standpoint. When Accumold was founded in 1985, micro mould machines didn’t exist, therefore Accumold designed and built our own Micro-Mold® presses from scratch. Notice that “®”? — we invented the process. And even today, when you compare tolerances and size, you’ll notice many micro moulders in the USA, can’t actually micro mould.

What we call “small moulding” many other companies mislabel as “micro moulding.” It’s an understandable error because it’s micro to them. (Just not to us.) Our press design gives us an advantage as it relates to process control, repeatability, and overall quality. Our Micro-Mold® presses and their numerous iterations since 1985 have proven to be successful moulding components where less precise machines fail.

Micro Mould Training and Human Capital

Accumold has enjoyed aggressive overall growth in our organisation. To date, we have over 300 full-time employees on staff and we are constantly growing our team. Because we are projecting a 30% staff increase soon, we have poured exponential resources into our human capital efforts including our Accumold Scholars program that pays college tuition fees for students interested in engineering, manufacturing, robotics, and automation.

From a technical support perspective, Accumold has over 55 full-time toolmakers on staff to support new product development endeavours on very aggressive lead-times. Our experienced in-house team includes:

    • 7 Designers
    • 9 Project engineers
    • 20 Automation Engineers and Techs
    • 10 Quality Engineers

Micro Moulding Facilities

Accumold provides in-house mould design, mould fabrication, and moulding under one roof. Under that one roof is a major collaboration machine where designers can walk to the other end of our campus and collaborate with engineers, robotics, and quality team members. In-person communication is a major time saver and communication advantage.

Accumold has over 175 mould presses on-site with the ability to double the press count if a product demands increase. Our moulding press count equals 160 presses, split evenly between conventional style moulding presses and our proprietary micro-moulding presses built from the ground up.

How Does Accumold Compare To Other Micro Moulders in the USA

Because we realise how critical the components we produce are to our customers, many of whom are in medicine and make life-savings Medtech devices, years ago Accumold created an EF5 Tornado resistant facility, in-house IT team, and other various self-sustaining operational advantages to anticipate any catastrophic event.

These advantages may cost more than other micro moulders in the USA, but the ability to scale, the safety of your supply chain, and meeting our clients demanding quality specifications makes your investment worth it.

So, how does Accumold compare in quality and cost other micro moulders in the USA? We aren’t really comparable at all. Want to chat? Fill out the enquiry form attached to this page and one of our representatives will be in touch.