BIOMEDevice is held twice annually, in early summer in Massachusets’ Boston Convention Center and in winter in California’s San Jose Convention Center.

The dual conferences focus on medical technology and draw thousands of med-tech professionals, executives and knowledgeable keynote speakers from all corners of the world.

BIOMEDevice? What is it?

BIOMEDevice is a two-day, two-track conference that focuses on artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, IoT, and sensors encompassing the latest advancements in Medtech R&D and product development. Participants attend tech sessions, panel discussions, and case study presentations to enhance their own processes and engineering practices.

Previous keynote speakers include Jacques Ginestet of Proteus Digital Health, and Scott Huennekens, previously of Verb Surgical. BIOMEDevice offers med-tech’s best engineers the chance to meet and connect with more than 2,600 med-tech professionals from leading companies in the field.

How Does Accumold Stack Up In Med-Tech?

Accumold is a world leader in medical technology micro moulding and optics, emerging tech and microelectronics micro moulding. Our clients are the world’s best OEMs in medical technology, consumer tech, emerging tech, automotive, and microelectronics, and the component designers and engineers that make them run.

Numerous awards and design breakthroughs that make industry news come right from our own expertise exhibited in our DFM engineering team. Our clients depend on us not just for our immense amount of microscopic injection moulding prowess but also because of our focus on protecting our client’s intellectual property. We have around-the-clock focus and an internal IT team that ensures that security.

Just How Many OEMs Depend on Accumold?

Although we can’t tell you who we work with, what we can say is that there’s over an 80% probability one of the critical components and parts we produced is within 60 feet of you at this very second—look around. Is your team our next innovative client? If so, please fill out the enquiry form attached to this page.