The low power, long life LuminOx range of optical sensors measure ambient oxygen levels using a patented luminescence-based optical technology and provide a more cost-effective alternative to electrochemical and galvanic sensors.

The LuminOx Sealed Oxygen Sensor range is factory calibrated and provides the ability for users to only measure sample gas at the front face of the sensor. The LOX-02-S sealed range is an extension to the standard LuminOx sensor range. It has a similar diffusion-type sensor but also has a sealed base that is gas-tight. This means that only the face of the sensor with protective membrane needs to be in the sample gas environment. This leaves the sensor pins easily accessible externally.

Each component has an internal sensor for measuring temperature and barometric pressure compensation, and communicates directly with the customer’s USART, meaning no signal conditioning circuitry is required.

The LuminOx range is a completely solid-state sensor, containing no lead or liquid electrolytes, and can be used in numerous applications where other technologies are unreliable (due to the mix of gases present) because it has virtually no cross-sensitivity.


  • 100% RoHS compliant
  • Luminescence-based optical technology, NOT electrochemical
  • Factory calibrated
  • Extended temperature range
  • Maintenance free
  • Battery power usage
  • No need for additional electronics
  • Compact in size