Erdmann Design AG Intelligent Medical Design Concepts

Erdmann Design realises projects in all areas of medical, industrial, corporate and communication design.

Its innovative design offerings support the technical demands and future plans of its cooperation partners, serving to communicate the identity of a firm.

Erdmann Design functions as an intermediary between the firm and the market, bringing 40 years of knowledge and interdisciplinary experience into the usability and engineering process. To accomplish these goals, Erdmann Design employs and champions design thinking.

Medical technology design thinking

Innovation is the key to success, especially in the medical technology industry. Ever faster cycles of innovation are seen as necessary, even mission-critical.

Erdmann Design empowers businesses through design thinking in order to optimise the time to market of their products. Design thinking is an interdisciplinary and strategic approach. Solutions-driven and value-creating, design thinking greatly accelerates innovation by enabling all processes to be conducted in parallel.

Collaboration with medical technology experts, engineers and industrial designers

Leading businesses that wish to be competitive in the markets of tomorrow must be ready to innovate today.

Design thinking is a new strategic approach that helps to streamline the innovation process. It harnesses the creative collaboration of all specialists involved, from medical technology experts, engineers and industrial designers to certification providers and financial controllers.

Medical technology market research, early testing and fast prototyping

The interdisciplinary approach of design thinking ensures that innovation is fast-tracked.

During the initial phase of market research, engineers and designers are already developing ergonomic prototypes. Early usability testing optimises further product development; problems are discovered and solved faster.

Communication between medical technology designers

In Erdmann Design’s design thinking strategy, networking and interaction are standard procedures between teams.

Open and frequent communication prevents a segregation of competences and generates different perspectives. Designers play a key exploratory role, developing a convincing, smart product that accentuates a positive user experience through intelligent design.

Surgical navigation system design

Erdmann Design has already helped several customers to employ design thinking and human-centred design for successful product developments. The planning of a new surgical navigation system was particularly exemplary.

Traditionally, the role of the industrial designer would be restricted to choosing materials and forming the product’s appearance. The application of design thinking ensured the activation of all specialists relevant to the project. Thus the innovation process encompassed everything from the design of the surgical operating theatre and the optimisation of its workflow to the patient’s experience during surgery. Even the changing role of hospitals and rehabilitation centres over time was duly considered.

Planning the new surgical navigation system

Cordless, hand-guided instruments were designed for navigated surgery, taking ergonomic and engineering factors into consideration. Elements of the design research included handling simple, professional tools; seeing and observing with the aid of the computer; sensing and navigating with instruments in the operating field; and hearing and interacting with the system and the surgical team.

Software development and operating processes for the varying surgical procedures were programmed for instruction and surgery preparation purposes. The graphical user interfaces (GUI) were tested with the users and improved according to their feedback.

Generating strategy and value

Design thinking is a method that generates and enhances corporate strategy. It focuses on delivering competitive products and creates meaningful value through an integrated approach. Design thinking ensures that innovation is fast-tracked and solutions-driven. It can also strengthen business identity.

Erdmann Design would be pleased to assist your business in creating innovation through design thinking.

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Press Release

Erdmann Design Introduces Sophi

Erdmann Design has introduced Sophi, an innovation in ophthalmology. 

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Design the Future

Ask founder and president of Erdmann Design Raimund Erdmann what innovation means and you may be surprised by his response. He suggests that creating new devices that make a big difference to patients isn't about harnessing the very latest technology, but it is about obsessing over the experience of users and having a true 'start-up' mentality.

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Erdmann Design

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