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626 Fishers Run, Victor, NY 14564, United States of America

Industrial Indexing Systems (IIS) develops state-of-the-art servo system products, which range from servo components to complete turnkey solutions for the medical device sector.

IIS is proud to be a member of the Open DeviceNet Vendor Association (ODVA), SERCOS North America (SErial Realtime COmmunications System) and CC-Link Partner Association.

Automation system design and fabrication services

IIS designs motor control systems to suit any client requirement. Our services, in addition to design and fabrication, include engineering, software development, UL-rated enclosure / panel fabrication and turnkey automation systems. We use a variety of controllers, drives and servomotors, depending on the application.

We support numerous industry communications protocols, including Modbus, Sercos, DeviceNet and TCP/IP over Ethernet.

Our servo motor and control systems feature hardware, software and operator interfaces, which are accurately chosen for each application. Industrial control systems, from Fortune 500 to small OEMs, can be integrated into any application through integrated modern motion control technology.

Servo motors, drives and motion controllers to provide automation system solutions

At IIS, we deliver a comprehensive range of amplifier systems and industrial motors to power motion control and automation systems.

Our wide array of reliable components is competitively priced. We aim to support and service each item we sell, offering personalised customer service to enable clients to size and select parts to accurately fit machine operations.

We provide a selection of brushless servo and stepper motors with output power ranging from 30W to 55kW. Explosion-proof, food-grade, high temperature and wash-down models, as well as amplifier choices such as stepper driven and servo models are also available. We engineer custom intelligent servo drive solutions for optimised function and fit.

Our amplifier and motor products seamlessly integrate with a variety of controllers for streamlined factory floor operations and are suitable for use in automation systems found throughout several industries, including beverage, food, pharmaceutical, packaging and warehousing.

Automation upgrades and retrofits

Equipment maintenance and repair can become costly and occasionally unmanageable if spare parts are unobtainable. When this occurs, our experienced team offer support in retrofitting and upgrading outdated motors, motion controls and servo drives with up-to-date technology.

Our retrofit and factory automation upgrade services start with an improvement strategy that contains research and designing of pre-engineered packages. Older equipment and systems developed by IIS can be upgraded to the latest technology and all software is fully transferable.

We offer upgrade packages for servo or hydraulic-driven blow moulding, paper and film converting, thermoforming and multi-needle quilting machines.

Retrofitting and upgrading to the latest technology is part of a proactive plan to decrease production losses and downtime. Upgrades enhance system performance, prolonging the life of capital equipment.

About IIS

IIS was founded in 1977 in Penfield, New York, US. Over the years, we have accommodated a steady growth, expanding our facility in Victor, New York, several times to its current 17,000ft² capacity.

The location houses critical departments such as applications engineering, customer support, marketing, panel shop, R&D production, sales and warehousing.

Luminary Motion Controller

Designed with the OEM in mind, the Luminary Series packs a full feature list of control capabilities into a low-cost hardware platform.

Motion Control Technology

The heart of a multi-axis automation system is the way it can synchronise the motion of several motors to a designated “master” source device.

Luminary Servo Drives

Luminary Series servo drives offer an alternative to OEMs and a cost-competitive alternative to stepper control systems.

Luminary Digital Interface Options

Besides the built-in analogue input and encoder output ports, the LD drives will also accept an interface card for custom requirements.

Company Video

Industrial Indexing Systems (IIS) develops state-of-the-art servo system products, which range from servo components to complete turnkey solutions for the medical device sector.

The Perfect Mix!

The Distek BIOne 1250 Bioprocess Control Station combined with IIS servo motion technology has revolutionised the benchtop scale bioreactors for both mammalian and microbial models.

Solving Your Motion Control Needs

Industrial Indexing Systems designs and manufactures motion control components and systems specialising in servo motion control.

BIOne 1250 Bioprocess Control Station

With the release of their BIOne 1250 bioprocess control station Distek, Inc has revolutionised benchtop scale bioreactors for both mammalian and microbial models.

Controlling Speed Can Be Crucial

Servo motion control is a key technology area for IIS. Precise speed control is crucial for reliable results in a variety of medical processes.

Registered Can Embossing Machine

A 24-station registered can embossing machine developed by packaging machinery equipment manufacturing OEM Stolle Machinery is designed to emboss patterns on the length of two-piece decorated can bodies.

Industrial Indexing Systems