MICROMO has unveiled a new DC motor calculator app for use with smartphones.

The Motion mobile app is designed to help engineers calculate DC motor performance data by providing speed, torque, voltage and other catalog data.

The app will also facilitate easy connection between customers and FAULHABER Group products by integrating a contact form and online chat option (which are available on the MICROMO website).

Motion equation calculator

Users will be able to calculate Motor performance data either by using speed, torque and catalog data or voltage, torque and catalog data and will be able to pick from 13 equations in each of the above two categories (speed or voltage) to produce the desired outcome.

In addition, users will be required to input a minimum of one and a maximum of nine input variables based on what outcome or end result they want to produce.

A senior engineer and robotics manufacturer said: "This is the best motor calculator app I have worked with. I can plug in any motor data. This app is a huge asset for my work."