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Manufacturer of Miniaturised Electronic Products

Valtronic is a global engineer and manufacturer of microelectronics, precision machining and complex system integration for the medical device industry.

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Valtronic is a global engineer and manufacturer of microelectronics, precision machining and complex system integration for the medical device industry.

For more than 30 years Valtronic has helped leading global suppliers of medical implants, devices, diagnostic imaging equipment and sensitive aerospace and industrial assemblies to produce Class II and III medical devices and advanced miniaturised electronic assemblies from Valtronic’s worldwide facilities in Switzerland, the US and Morocco.

Full-service medical device design and manufacture

Valtronic is a full-service provider of engineering, design and development and contract manufacturer of advanced electronics / microelectronics, biomedical engineering and precision manufacturing.

The company’s team of designers, engineers and manufacturers work with clients throughout the complete product lifecycle to produce the optimum electronic medical device or mechanical part. Valtronic’s dedication to consistent quality, reliability and producing the optimum product design makes it the ideal contract manufacturing partner.

Valtronic engineers maintain high quality standards for all electronic products to ensure they adhere to industry standards.
Valtronic has facilities in Switzerland, the US and Morocco to serve its clients' needs, no matter where they are located.
The company can modify and manufacture electronic parts for medical devices.
The company's Swiss facilities can conduct a wide array of complex machining and testing procedures.
Valtronic's team of engineers and extensive manufacturing machinery enables the company to accommodate a wide variety of manufacturing requests.
Valtronic's clients include worldwide suppliers and professionals in the medical, aerospace, defence and industrial sectors.

Valtronic has helped to develop a variety of medical devices for customers worldwide, and has a proven track record of manufacturing FDA-approved medical devices.

Minimally invasive implantable devices and assemblies

Valtronic provides medical device manufacturers with minimally invasive active implantable devices, assemblies for imaging, orthopaedic implants and complete devices to market.

The company has previous experience in diabetes management devices, including insulin pumps, glucose measurements and wound care devices. This equipment is crucial in helping diabetes patients maintain overall health and as a result must be reliable and accurate.

Valtronic has contributed its knowledge and technology towards the field of hearing and vision impairment implants, specifically to replace the cochlear and retinas, and provide intra-ocular pressure (IOP) contact lens for patients with glaucoma.

Valtronic also produces a wide array of equipment that medical professionals use on a constant, everyday basis throughout clinics and hospitals, such as blood pressure measurement devices, heart rate measurement tools, MRIs, preamplifiers and digital X-ray components. In addition to this, Valtronic supplies vital medical devices for more specialist conditions, including chronic pain reduction and deep brain stimulation for neurostimulation treatment, and maxial-facial repair and prosthetics for orthopaedic spinal implants. Whether the products are used on a daily basis or for niche treatments, the primary criteria for all Valtronic medical devices remain the same: accurate, reliability and high-performance.

Medical device industry qualifications

Valtronic adheres to a variety of industry standards and regulations, such as: ISO 13485, ISO 9001, FDA registered, CGMP certified, Exhibitors MD&M and/or MEDTEC shows, and Supplier to Medical Manufacturers. This ensures any product made by Valtronic is manufactured according to industry standards worldwide to suit any client’s application.

Medical device design and development

Valtronic’s expertise in microelectronics, miniature and compact medical devices wearables makes it an industry leader in the sector. The company has particular experience in electronic design, including schematic development, analog and digital embedded design, VHDL design, FPGA design, ASIC design and radio frequency (RF) and RF ultra-low power. Other areas of development include:

  • Mechanical design
  • Software design
  • Design for X
  • Design project management
  • Design verification
  • Material analysis
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Medical standards compliance — ISO 13485 and Directive 93/42/EEC
  • Test fixture and tooling
  • Parallel product design and process development

Medical device contract manufacturing

Valtronic offers clients contract manufacturing services to help them produce their medical devices on-schedule and to high quality standards. Valtronic’s team of engineers are highly skilled in electronic and microelectronic assembly, and have extensive experience manufacturing the following:

  • 3DCSP
  • Chip-on-board
  • Chip-on-chip
  • Flip-chip
  • Heat seal and Zebra
  • Multi-chip modules (MCMs)
  • Microelectromechanical systems (MEMs)

The team also has considerable experience in complete device assembly for electromechanical products to a high standard. This includes precision medical machining, CNC turning and milling, Swiss machining, material engraving and laser marking.

Valtronic’s manufacturing facilities can also conduct other services, such as cutting raw materials by laser or water jet, intermediate and final cleaning surface treatment, and sterilisation by gamma or ethylene oxide.

For clients that have already manufactured or are partially through the production of a product, Valtronic can also conduct testing and validation, process mapping, design and optimisation, part traceability to lot and ISO 7 and 8 cleanroom services to ensure the product makes it to the market under industry standards.

Supply chain management services for medical device professionals

As a worldwide recognised partner for innovative personal healthcare devices, Valtronic works with suppliers worldwide to help them bring their medical devices to the market. The company can help suppliers improve their global procurement infrastructure, source proximity kanban components, and create precise scheduling according to JIT concepts to help improve productivity.

Secure implant and physiological connectivity platform

Recent technological advancements and innovations in the field of web enabled medical devices, also known as wearables have resulted in Valtronic looking to the future with an exciting new vision in mind: ‘to be the worldwide recognised partner for innovative personal healthcare devices’.

To pursue this vision, Valtronic is committed to bringing innovative ideas and technological expertise to one platform to guide customers and healthcare providers to delivering improved patient care and outcomes.

Compendium Solutions, a secure implant and physiological connectivity platform. This next-generation of technology platform provides an integrated system, including Valtronic-owned IP and even a proprietary phone app, creating opportunities to build greater value with customers.

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