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Valtronic SA Expands Precision Machining with New Equipment Purchase

Valtronic SA has announced that it has expanded its precision machining site in Switzerland with the purchase of Willemin-Macodel SA’s 408B system.

The latest generation of 408B machining systems offers a combination of the technology to machine bar stock up to 32mm and flexibility provided by its automatic back-working devices.

The high-performance motor spindle is suited to the most demanding machining applications. The high-precision horizontal spindle/divider works like a divider at low-speed and a lathe spindle at high-speed.

Benefits include:

  • Machine is adapted to production from small to large-sized batches of complex parts
  • Automatic 0-90° back-working device with one working position: vice or collet (internal or external clamping)
  • Extensive operating autonomy through bar feeding and automatic part unloading, as well as part conditioning

The 408B offers six-sided machining in a single cycle milling from bar stock of up to 30mm high precision and high-quality surface finish.

Additionally, it features a high level of static and dynamic rigidity, an excellent degree of homogeneity in the kinematics chain, high-speed machining up to 30,000rpm tool spindle, a tool magazine of up to 48 positions, tool change time of 0.8 seconds, various bar feeders, simple/precise/economic parts handling and optimum ratio between working volume and reduced floor space.

Valtronic will use the 408B in its aim to meet the requirements of its customers and partners.

Founded in 1974, Willemin-Macodel is a supplier of cutting-edge, made-to-measure machining solutions for complex, very high precision work pieces that offer high-added value.

The company aims to satisfy its customers’ most exacting requirements. Valtronic uses increasingly advanced technologies, such as the 408B, to continue meeting its goal of customer satisfaction.

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