Valtronic has announced that it provides lightweight, low-power, microelectronic and mechatronic assembly to industrial markets such as aerospace and other segments that require reliable products.

As a niche leader in turnkey microelectronic manufacturing services, Valtronic can manage all facets of a customer’s high-value aerospace and industrial project, including initial product concept, integration and delivery.

Valtronic US general manager Jay Wimer said: "Our value-added services will support a project’s design, supply chain management, quality and manufacturing requirements."

From the beginning of a partnership, Valtronic provides a quick turn quote and prototype production to progress the customer’s project with the expediency and quality that the customer and the market demands.

Valtronic Switzerland general manager Stéphane Porchet said: "Valtronic is devoted to providing customers with cost-effective solutions that result in quality products that perform the way they are intended."

Valtronic provides circuit board assembly to box build. Valtronic has more than 30 years of proven experience in designing and delivering complete electronic manufacturing services from printed circuit assemblies to complex box builds.

The company can help design and build products ranging from industrial and aerospace components to medical devices, as well as provides manufacturing capabilities and excels in projects requiring high-reliability and complex designs.

By using the company’s design for manufacturing capabilities, adhering to a design testing policy and following the company’s product qualification process, Valtronic’s customers receive unsurpassed quality and reliability.

In addition, Valtronic offers a dedicated supply chain management system, including VMI, SMI and global sourcing.

Valtronic is ISO: 9001 and ISO: 13485 certified and performs to MIL-STD-883E and IPC – A 610D acceptability.

Valtronic’s aerospace/industrial electronics experience includes:

  • Airplane tire pressure sensors
  • Aerospace modules
  • Advanced brake sensors
  • Formula One race controllers