Valtronic has announced that it is continuing its focus on innovation at its precision machining site in Switzerland by expanding its partnership with Bumotec through the use of the S-191 Linear.

Bumotec’s S-191 Linear machine is designed to turn, mill and grind individual parts or parts from bar in a single setting. The machine’s turnmill center is suitable for complete machining of complex six-sided parts. Linear motors ensure maximum precision and reliable repeatability in the machining of parts.

Due to the combination of the rapid linear drive with a high-resolution Renishaw measurement system and a stabilised cooling circuit for all heat-generating elements, the S191 Linear achieves excellent productivity. A unique feature is the high-speed spindle (30,000rpm), on which it is possible not only to turn and mill ceramic.

Bumotec was founded at the end of the 1960s and originally specialised in machinery serving the watch making industry. It introduced important technical innovations as well as a range of groundbreaking machines.

The company then expanded its reach to other high-end industries, including medical and aerospace, and continues increasing its market-leading position in these areas as well as watch making and micromechanics.

Since its foundation, Bumotec has kept control of its entire manufacturing process. All manufacturing steps such as machining, housing, electrical and assembly are performed in-house. This requires a high level of investment into the equipment to keep performance at the highest possible manufacturing level, resulting in the high-quality machines for which the company is known for worldwide.

Valtronic partnered with Bumotec years ago and continues purchasing new equipment to help the company meet its continuous goal of customer satisfaction.