Valtronic Buys Zeiss CONTURA 3D Measurement for its Intelligent Orthopedic Implant Manufacturing

Valtronic has purchased a 3D measurement machine, the CONTURA from Zeiss.

The system is top-rated for geometric control down to the microns, which is a necessity for products such as spinal implants, including titanium ALIF cages.

By providing flexible, reliable and uncompromising quality assurance, the CONTURA will offer a large package of optical sensors, in addition to a large measuring range.

The 3D measurement machine adds value to Valtronic’s specialisation in intelligent orthopedics and will assist in the concentration of orthopedic implants manufacturing.

CONTURA ZEISS CALYPSO, the system’s reference software, and a highly tuned overall concept enable CONTURA to cement its place as the standard in its class. Additionally, the system features a fixed passive sensor, a flexible RDS articulating probe holder or an active scanning probe.

The CONTURA will reside within Valtronic’s mechanical design and precision machining workshop located in Les Charbonnières directly across the street from the corporate office.

Valtronics’ machining workshop offers laser engraving, cleaning and passivation, surface treatment and twenty CNC machines, bringing the company to the forefront of intelligent orthopedic product manufacturing.

From a firm quality management system to experienced supply chain management, Valtronic is working to expand its vision as the ‘worldwide recognised partner for innovative personal healthcare devices’ and now focuses on its precision machining and mechanical capabilities alongside its focus on electronic miniaturisation.

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